At Smith’s Auto Tech, we clean fuel injectors as well as flush transmissions, brake systems, cooling systems and power steering systems. We were the second shop north of Augusta to offer transmission flush services and first in the area to use the T-Tech Transmission Flush Machine. No other shop in the area offered fluid maintenance services before us.

Protect your investment by performing routine transmission flushes. We recommend using vehicle specific fluid, and we flush until it comes out clean to help maintain your vehicles warranty, and reliability.

Caring for your transmission

Use of anything else other than what your vehicle calls for may/will cause damage, and void your vehicle’s warranty.

The right fluids can prevent costly repairs

The most common problem with injectors is that they accumulate a buildup of wax, tar, and olefins inside the injector and on the pintle/seat area. These types of debris buildup will restrict the flow of fuel through the injector.

A dirty fuel injector can reduce performance

The reason for using new engine coolant is: Recycling anti-freeze may remove all particulate matter but the heavy metals from other customers’ vehicles are still in the solution and they cannot be removed unless you distill the anti-freeze.

Replacing engine coolant is reccomended


We keep up with the latest technology. In fact, Smith’s Auto Tech was the first shop north of Boston with the ASNU (pronounced “AS NEW”) Ultra Sonic Injection Cleaning System. We also use Computerized Diagnostics. When you take your vehicle to Smith’s Auto Tech, you are leaving it in the hands of ASE L1 Certified mechanics.


If we discover a problem with your vehicle, we will take the time to explain the problem and repair procedures. We’ll help guide your decision process by answering any questions or concerns.


Since 1927, Smith’s Garage has helped thousands of people maintain safer, more reliable vehicles. We look forward to earning your business and showing you how quick and easy it is to have Smith’s Auto Tech maintain your car or truck.

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